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guangzhou Dragon’s Journey winery Co., Ltd is a brand to operate and sales of wine-based integrated company. Headquarters Park is located in the foot of the beautiful Baiyun Mountain, covers an area of 30,000 square meters, is set warehousing, sales, office and entertainment in one of the modern business enterprises. The company has nearly 1,000 marketing team, the network all over the country, control thousands of direct sales outlets, hundreds of distribution channels distributors, and with Wal-Mart, Metro, PARKnSHOP and other international hypermarkets for more than 10 years of deep cooperation. In the liquor industry is the most powerful circulation of the king, but also the rapid development of the industry, with the national influence of the integrated liquor one of the leading enterprises.

Long Cheng wine industry is committed to the French "Golden Butterfly", Australia "Golden Koala" wine brand sales and marketing in China, a comprehensive proxy for a number of well-known wine brands in China sales business, including Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Australia Penfolds, Goldsmith Great Wall, Osmanthus Chen, Scottish Eagle eagles and other more than 10 brand products, involving wine, liquor, brandy, whiskey and other major wine. Long Cheng wine is Wuliangye Southern China six-star regional operators, COFCO Great Wall wine two decades strategic core dealers, Australia Fu Yi Group South Region a core dealer.

 The company has won the "Gold Medal of Bordeaux International Wine & Spirits", the "First Annual Regional Champion of Chinese Wine Industry", "Gold Medal of Guangdong International Wine & Spirits Expo", "Golden Journey of Chinese Wine Brand Operation", "National Wine Class excellent marketer "," Wuliangye six-star operator "and many other important awards.

 The "Golden Butterfly" brand owned by the Company won the "Guangzhou Famous Trademark" in 2009, the "Guangdong Famous Trademark" in 2010 and the "China Famous Trademark" in 2017. To be well received by the vast number of consumers welcome the best-selling wine brand.

 In the next few years, Longcheng Winery will continue to deepen its comprehensive development strategy of intensive brand operation and multi-liquor agency, and will become the most influential market leader in brand operation of Chinese liquor industry!

 "To be sincere, to lead the future!"

2013Dvelopment history

In 2013, the national distributor convention of the 10th anniversary of longcheng was successfully held, and dealers from all over the country gathered together to witness the growth of the dragon journey.

2013, wine leader Mr WenWenLong wholly owned by guangdong golden butterfly liquor company established, more focus on the golden butterfly brand operations, the company has gold sand cool, golden butterfly butterfly family product series, the series of golden butterfly farm products in Spain, heavily golden butterfly brand with a higher level!



In 2011, golden butterfly manor series products and Australian gold koala products were introduced, which enriched the product line of longcheng imported wine.

In 2012, and the giant Chinese liquor wuliangye, jiannanchun again hand in hand, win-win co-operation and introduced a series of high-end liquor pointed with soft continous series, zhuang jin bo, mianzhu daqu, such as series of products, create famous brand high-end to low-end products to the market.

In 2012, in order to meet the demand of the market, we launched the golden butterfly sand cool, star series and other kinds of red wines, and the products were well received by the dealers.

2007Dvelopment history

Mixer in June 2007, the introduction from the Scottish highlands William Grant & Sons (William green parent-child company), imported from eagle beast whisky, products in the tradition of 130 single malt beer process, to ensure the "pure wheat wine classic eagle horse beast whisky" remarkable quality.

In June 2007, derived from the famous French cognac region of golden butterfly cognac figure, for Henry of France, was established in 1858, Neil company, the bartenders francois Thibault concoct, the original bottle of imported, is Long Cheng build another brand in the field of liquor.

Mixer in November 2007, by the Wuliangye Yibin Co., Ltd production of a dedicated wine "Wuliangye group" grand listed, are Wuliangye for groups with wine and development of a high-end, completely fine tradition in the tradition of Wuliangye and quality, to market strategy different from other kinds of wine named "special group buying wine".

2006Dvelopment history-永利皇宫娱乐场网址

In March 2006, longcheng Liquor company acted as the sole agent of Jiugui Liquor Co., Ltd. In chengdu sugar and wine will be ceremoniously listed, the Chinese white spirit of the sixth most fragrant type - the fragrant fragrance to the market new high, bearing and enriched the spirit of the wine culture!

In November 2006, stones from Australia wine wine region of the world's best "koala blue Portuguese Portuguese wine", on the market in guangzhou, shenzhen took the lead and layout of the national market, to nature, the concept of health wine to Chinese consumers. The "koala blue and Portuguese wine" is imported from the original bottle and is sold exclusively in China.


2004Dvelopment history

In 2004, the development of the "golden butterfly" wine series with Spain (the largest) caused a stir in the market.

In 2005, we cooperated with cofco shaoxing wine co., ltd. to develop "old yellow rice wine in the south of the Yangtze river", and started the healthy drinking method of "jiangnan old yellow wine ice drink taste better".

1997Dvelopment history-澳门永利7837

In 1997, the national sales power of the imperial family wine red box was in the hands of longcheng, and the longcheng was becoming more and more mature in the guangdong market.

In 1999, longcheng liquor became the first company in China to buy the right to buy the Great Wall wine.

In 2002, cofco and China Great Wall wine co., ltd. jointly developed the "Great Wall golden vintage wine series", which quickly captured the national market.

At this point, longcheng also completed its own comprehensive reorganization and construction, truly became an international marketing concept and perfect market operation capability of a large modern enterprise.

1999Dvelopment history-澳门永利5335com

As early as in 1999, guangzhou Long Cheng wine co., LTD., has a reputation for courage and unique market insight ability every buyout "gold Great Wall wine", to transcend counterparts far opened Long Cheng edifice, created the Long Cheng road to glory.

In 2013, the dragon journey ushered in its next glorious new starting point: in the beautiful baiyun mountain foot, the total area of more than 30,000 square meters, the investment of more than 1 billion of the new dragon journey presented in front of the world. The new campus environment elegant, tree-lined, chic and a fountain of gardens, grave office building, high standard configuration of complex, large storage base, all demonstrated its strong Long Cheng wealth strength and the surging passion again!
Ten years of hard work, ten years of continuous outgrowth, today's longcheng wine industry, has developed into one of the largest wine brand operators in China. Used to have six branches, 5 big area, more than 10 offices Long Cheng liquor, to meet the needs of the market growing, now has yet to have guangzhou Long Cheng wine industry, guangdong gold liquor, shenzhen golden butterfly butterfly wine industry, guangdong investment of several companies, such as book collectivized enterprise company, a understand management, good management of operation and management team in charge of 11 big collectivize enterprise internal division, many branches and offices. Longcheng products have been well sold in all provinces and cities in China, with annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan, which is the most competitive large brand operator with thousands of terminal market and over 400 dealers. Longcheng dominates the market scale, capital operation ability is rare in the industry!

New company park operation, marking Long Cheng ability of warehousing, logistics and service ability is more powerful and perfect, in the future, Long Cheng wine industry will continue to "give priority to with independent development or sole agent, to the wine kind of brand marketing is more" development strategy.
Current products from Scotland, France, Australia, Spain, Italy and other countries two major part is imported and domestic agents, products related to wine, white wine, rice wine, brandy, whisky, five kinds of wine, with gold the Great Wall, golden butterfly, koala blue, gold koala, jiangnan old huang, eagle horse beast, wuliangye, jiannanchun, etc. A total of more than ten brands. In recent years, a series of new products have been introduced, such as sand and cool, star and golden butterfly manor, which makes the product line of longcheng more abundant.

Conception of meaning determines the pattern of enterprise, the grand Long Cheng wine always pay attention to the construction of brand and reputation, so that the rapid rise in the industry, Long Cheng elaborate golden butterfly brand success is a classic industry, more are widely spread industry enterprises as a classic case.

Thanks to the good reputation of longcheng and the careful management of the brand, in a short span of ten years, longcheng won the market and won wide acclaim from all sectors of society.

organizational structure

corporate culture

"Sincere to zhen, leading the future" is the enterprise philosophy of longcheng.
Longcheng's corporate vision is to become "the best wine culture advocate, scale development, healthy growth, brand management."

The main honors of Longcheng

Long Cheng wine companies and products have won:
◆ COFCO Wine "Golden Goat Award"
◆ Luzhou Laojiao ten dealer award
◆ Wuliangye outstanding dealer award
◆ In 2002, Golden Delicious Great Wall dry red wine won the "most popular in Guangzhou, the wine brand"
◆ 2004, Long Cheng liquor won the "annual ten liquor distribution agencies in Guangzhou"
In 2006, Golden Butterfly won the "2006 import of wine single product sales first"
◆ In 2007, Golden Butterfly won the "2007 Bordeaux International Wine & Spirits Award"
                 Long Cheng liquor won the Guangdong Wine Industry Association awarded the "Industry Contribution Award"
◆ In 2008, Longcheng Winery won the title of "Annual Channel Regional Champion of China Wine Industry General Choice,
                 In the same year, Long Cheng liquor won the 08 annual "Wuliangye Terminal Extension Award"
◆ 2009, Golden Butterfly Wine won the "Guangdong (International) Wine Expo Gold Award"
                 Mr. Wen Wenlong, Chairman of the Board, won the "Outstanding Contribution to Wine Industry in 30 Years of Guangdong's Reform and Opening up"
◆ In 2010, Longcheng Winery won the "Golden Wine Award of Chinese Wine Brand Operation"
                 Wen Wenlong, chairman of the board was elected Shanwei City CPPCC members and was awarded the Shanwei City "outstanding CPPCC members"
◆ In 2011, Mr. Wen Wenlong, Chairman of the Board, won the "Leader in Imported Wine Business in China"
                 Long Cheng liquor won the "second national liquor excellent marketer"
                 Australian gold koala products won the "2011 annual boutique wine selection Gold Award"
◆ In 2012, Mr. Wen Wenlong, Chairman of the Board, was elected as a standing member of the CPPCC of Shanwei and was honored honorary president of Shanwei City Public Welfare Association
◆ 2013, Shashu sparkling red wine won the "premium quality of the wine market in Guangdong by consumers welcome products"
◆ In 2013, Golden Butterfly won the "best-selling brand in Guangdong alcohol market"
◆ In 2013, Guangdong Golden Butterfly Wine Co., Ltd. won the "Guangdong Outstanding Brand Operator" Award
◆ In 2013, Guangzhou Longcheng Winery was rated as "Demonstration Enterprise of Reliable Wine Distribution in Guangdong Province"

In addition to the large-scale operational capabilities, Long Cheng more integrated product development, brand building and sales of the full range of modern enterprises, its strong capital operation ability, many outstanding sales team composed of outstanding team, marketing experience for more than 20 years , Decided Longcheng wine extraordinary business competitiveness.

In 2008, Long Cheng first introduced the Blue Book in the industry and further promoted and inherited the business philosophy of Long Cheng and the enterprise spirit of "sincerity, attainment and leading the future".

Long way it is by virtue of the advanced management concepts and entrepreneurial spirit, in just ten years among the forefront of the industry, to create liquor industry legend, write a brilliant chapter.